Nützliche und interessante SachenMusik / CD Veröffentlichung OJRA & KIRITCHENKO (Kharkov)

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Musik / CD Veröffentlichung OJRA & KIRITCHENKO (Kharkov)

#1 Beitrag von Wuzetka » Dienstag 13. April 2010, 11:49



CD/DD nsp05/lscd010
distribution: a-musik.com
release date: March 9th 2010

live: 5.September Dresden

1 Svity Misyachenko
2 Volyky
3 Chi bulo lito
4 Luli-luli
5 Dva Holuby
6 Na Yordantsi
7 Kotyku sirenkyi
8 Na Ivana Kupala
9 Kohannya
10 Khata

Nexsound and The Lollipoppe Shoppe present an ethnotronic
collaboration of the neo-folk group Ojra and Andrey
Kiritchenko. A Tangle Of Mokohsha contains 10 tracks with
songs of pagan and Chiristian origins collected during the
group's ethnographic expeditions in Eastern Ukraine. The
material was additionally infused with electronic sounds by
Andrey Kiritchenko.These interpretations of authentic songs
glister of versatile sonic palettes. Here one can distinguish
ambient and electronic experiments, field-recordings of nature
and bright sound of traditional instruments. This vivid piece of
work has the ability to conduct the listeners imagination and to
melt him/her down inside of the music.

Ojra are: Halyna Breslavets - Voice,
Natalka Dudynska - Violin,
Petro Yuha - Solilka, Hulusi, Dvoyanka, Guitar
Yurko Yefremov - Bass, Dulcimer, Drymba,
Kalimba, Buhay, Bayan

Halyna Breslavets teaches Ukrainian folk singing and vocals at
Kharkov's State Academy of Culture. Petro Yuha plays with
Kharkov's philharmonic orchestra. Natalka Dudynska works as
a musician for Kharkov's theater of musical comedy For the
last 10 years the artists were collecting and researching
Ukrainian folk music. Ojra are laureates and participants of
many folk, jazz and rock tenders and festivals. They have
collaborated with the experimental theater Yara Art-Group and
La MaMa/New York.

Andrey Kiritchenko:

Born in 1976 in Kharkiv / Ukraine and started his musical
activity in 1991 as a singer / song-writer in a rock band. Active
in fields of electronic music since 1996. Andrey is a crossgenre
experimental sound artist combined acoustic and digital
aesthetics, tiny melodies and noise. So far, under all aliases he
released more than 40 albums on labels such as Staalplaat,
Ad Noiseam, SPEKK, Zeromoon and Nexsound; has over 50
compilation appearances on labels all over the world;
performed through continental Europe, Russia and
Kazakhstan; had collaborations with Francisco Lopez, Kim
Cascone, Sara Lunden, Jeff Surak, Kotra, the Moglass etc.;
nominated and awarded by Qwartz Electronic Music Awards.

00 49 176 78 25 50 79
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