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Publikationen, Aufrufe, Informationen, Websites oder andere tolle Sachen zur Ukraine entdeckt, die sonst nirgends reinpassen?
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Publikationen, Aufrufe, Informationen, Websites, Videos oder andere tolle Sachen zur Ukraine entdeckt, die sonst nirgends reinpassen?
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Relaunch von Krytyka.com

#1 Beitrag von Handrij » Sonntag 9. Mai 2010, 12:43

Oleh Kotsyuba
Online Editor, www.krytyka.com

Dear friends and colleagues,

we are happy to announce the launch of a new KRYTYKA web site on www.krytyka.com !

Since its inception in 1997, first as a monthly journal and then, two years later, as a publishing house, KRYTYKA has become a notable presence on the Ukrainian and generally East European intellectual and cultural scene. In its 13 years of continuous publications, KRYTYKA, has addressed the central issues facing Ukraine and the region and has included among its authors outstanding critics and scholars from Ukraine and the West, from Poland, Russia, and Belarus.

In pursuing its vision of civil society and democratic values, it has established a new standard of discourse and inquiry that has been broadly recognized. For its part, the books KRYTYKA has published in the area of history, political, literary and cultural studies, source studies and belles letters have also earned it numerous prizes and awards.

The new web site will allow KRYTYKA to reach a broader audience and to provide a forum for a qualitatively new type of discussion among Ukrainian and international intellectuals on topics related to Ukraine, its culture, history, and politics.

After a test phase, the new web site is now up and running. We are constantly working on improving both content and functionality of the web site and welcome any comments/suggestions you may have.

On the web site, you will find the latest issue of KRYTYKA (no. 1-2, 2010), an archive of recent issues, information about current and future publications of KRYTYKA publishing house, and latest news from KRYTYKA.

All articles in the latest issue are available for download in PDF format. Among other topics, the issue includes an analysis of the effects of the Presidential elections 2010 on Ukrainian culture and society.

If you would like to purchase any of KRYTYKA's products, please refer to the navigation menu "Yak prydbaty." For donations, please click on "Zrobyty pozhertvu."

Please spread the word among interested parties and keep an eye on our web site for updates!

Very best,


Oleh Kotsyuba
Online Editor, www.krytyka.com

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